Sunday, March 9, 2014

Acadamy Awards and my Art! Celebs take home some of my work.

I am currently a member of the IndiExhibit.  The indiExhibit is an officially registered non-profit organization that specializes in promoting the talent of creatives from around the globe. Members participate in unique special events ranging from red carpet gifting suites to backstage concert events and charity benefits.  I have had my artwork at Hollywood award show gifting suites for several years now.  My most current event was the 2014 Academy awards. 

Media personality Karin Salkin took home a canvas print of my painting 'Red in Silver'.  She was very kind and said she really loved it and it spoke to her.

One member of Cassie Jackson's Pop group MP2 took home a trinket box featuring my 'Arranging Lily'  painting.

It is a lot of fun seeing who likes your work and I have gotten some great publicity to boot!  Next up, I think will be the 2104 Emmy awards, but who knows what opportunity may pop up before that!

Visit The IndiExhibit website to find out more information about becoming a member!  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

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