Monday, June 1, 2009


I try to get at least one ACEO done when we go to camp for the weekend or longer. This time I did this colored pencil piece of a crystal vase and flowers. I wanted to work on reflections in glass and I hope to do more like this. This new work is for sale in my Etsy shop.

I didn't have much art time this trip - still gettting things opened up. We got the dock in, set up the screen house and picnic table and various other chores. Now we are ready for company! Any takers???

Catching up!

Hello! It has been too long. Things have been crazy! Summer always is. Last week my Mom had a breast biopsy. I went 'home' to be with her since she is a self-proclaimed wimp. We were all very relieved that it turned out benign. She is still sore, but cancer free! It was a wake up call that my Mom is getting older. Most people that meet her can't believe that she is 73. She is a little dynamo and very active. I hope I am as spry when I get that age.

I missed my featured week at Top Artists Directory last week. It is still up so you can still take a peek.

I tookl down my show at the library and really felt a loss after doing it. I sold 3 paintings so it was a success! What a great feeling to have people like your work enough to shell out their hard earned money for it.

Back soon with more news and photos.


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