Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My time at 'Girls Night Out'.

This was the first ever 'Girls Night Out'  event at the Rome Art and Community Center.  I was sceptical about a vendor opportunity that charged the patrons to shop, but it was a huge success!  We had smaller  spaces than I anticipated and I brought way too much stuff!  But I did manage to squeeze it all in.  As you can see below, my chair was not easy to get to.  Once I got in I didn't leave very often.  Good thing my friend Diane was in the next booth.  She brought me food and drink from the wonderful array of gourmet appetizers and desserts!

I wanted to take more pix, but again I was trapped in my booth :0!  My pendants were popular, both hand painted and glass tile pendants with teenie prints of my work.  I also sold several prints, cards, magnets and even an original or two!!!  All in all it was a lucritive venture and I would do it agian.    It probably didn't hurt that the patrons were drinking heavily ;)  We did luck out being in the room with the chocolate fountain too - very popular!

We had a nice group of neightbors and had lots of fun!  Here is my friend Diane with her booth - she had the right idea and brought less stuff!  The theme was the Caribbean and you can see that Diane wore her tropical shirt in keeping witht he theme. 

Things I learned doing this kind of show:

Play to your space - I wouldn't bring the grids next time - smaller items are the key to this sale.

PC also not necessary - I brought the PC in case someone wanted to use Paypal to pay.

Not sure if I need to take credit cards or not.  No problem this time though.

Chocolate fountains and selling don't mix.  Gooey hands and face kind of embarassing

Explain your work to the customers - this really boosted sales.  Engage the folks

Art featuring local images is popular and helps open a dialogue.

Risers are your friend!  The display looked much better when everything wasn't at the same level.

Have lots of change in all denominations - we won't have to get cash again for a long time :)

Most everyone wanted a bag so have bags in several sizes and be sure to slip in a business card with their purchase.

Just a few observations.  Maybe they will help with your next art fair!
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