Monday, April 2, 2012

Indie Artisans, Farm Animal art, Spring and more!

I wanted to share a really great site and group that can help with your occassion shopping or just put a smile on your face!
'The Indie Artisans  is an ever-changing collection of the best handmade has to offer, presented on one timely page that makes shopping for gifts or yourself easy and fun.

The collection changes with the seasons or on a whim, so check back often for the finest artisan goods hand selected from the most creative, experienced group of online artisans ever assembled.'

You purchase directly from the artist when you visit their latest collection!

This month my little lamb is featured in the Spring, Sweet Collection!
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter as @indieartisans!

I created these four farm animals (including the lamb) for a friend.  She wanted them for her little girl's room.  I did them all in colored pencil to add a more childlike quality.  The pig has turned out to be very popular!
You can find them as prints on Etsy.

 Mary did have a little lamb and it was very colorful and whimsical!
Buy the print here!

What is cuter than a baby duckling?
Buy the print here!

This pig has turned out to be the most popular of the set - people tell me it just makes them giggle!
Buy the print here!

This guy is my favorite.  It makes me think of the Saturday Night Live sketch about needing 'more cowbell'  In fact, I have a whole line of merchandise on Cafepress featuring this adorable bonine and the tagline "More Cowbell'!
You can buy the print here!

All the prints are 5x7 and can be framed with off the shelf mats and frames.  They look great as a grouping of 4!


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