Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Received My New Art Floral Business cards - great promotion!

I wanted to share my new business cards.  They are one of my free promotional gifts from that I receive for hosting their giveaways.  Believe me,  I only do these because I am pleased with their products and customer service.

I have never had double sided cards before so I wasn't sure what to do with 2 sides.  I chose to feature my Iris on both sides since it is one of my more popular paintings.  I also love the modern size and vertical orientation.  I wanted to keep them simple so I chose 3 links to feature.  You can get to all my sites from my website anyway.  I am never sure whether to put my phone number on or not.  Again, you can contact me through my website and the other sites as well.

The cards are nice and sturdy with a semi-gloss finish.  I was so excited to receive them!  Thanks for looking and if you have suggestions or comments I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Lucky Winner!!!!!

The winner of the large poster print from is Barbsgarden. I want to thank everyone for entering and you will have more opportunities to win coming up!  I will be posting one giveaway each month!

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Max: 12  (One entry was purely social so it did not count)
Result: 1
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Congratulations! Barb. I will pass your info on and the company will get in touch with you directly.

I want to thank Onlineposterprinting for providing the prize - I am excited to get one too!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Large Poster Print Giveaway - Free Shipping is back!

What a cool prize this is!  I am offering a free Poster size print with FREE SHIPPING too! 

This quality Digital Photo Enlargement is provided by  They will create a great Digital Photo on a Poster using your photograph!

GIVEAWAY PRIZE:  18x24 Poster Print for One (1) Winner
Paper Stock: High Gloss or Semi Gloss
Specifications: 1 Business Day Turnaround
Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only

I even get the prize for hosting this giveaway!!!!!

Contest ends 11:59pm on Monday February 15th! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post that includes your name and email address. I would love to hear what you plan to make into a poster if you want to share~! Get those comments in!

You can also blog about this giveaway, linking back here and to . Leave another comment that you did so to get another entry and/or Twitter about the giveaway and leave a comment that you did so!  Be sure to do a separate comment for each so you get another entry.

If you are the lucky winner I will pass your info on to and you will be contacted directly to claim your prize!
Thanks again to onlineposterprinting for providing the prize~!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Florence we hardly knew ye! THE ART

I had the opportunity to tag along with my hubby to Florence, Italy in January so YOU BET I took it!  He went for work so would be occupado for 3 days, but the great thing about Florence is that you can walk the city center easily - much of it is a no traffic zone as well.  Being an artist, Florence is da bomb!  I plan to post a couple of installments on this trip starting with the art.

You can see work by the Great Masters like Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michangelo.  It takes your breath away.  You can't take photos in the museums, but I got one of this Michelangelo sculpture in the Medici Chapels

It seems that many of Michelangelos sculptures were never completely finished.  Maybe he had the first case of ADD :)

This is a copy of Michelangelo's David that stands in the Palazzo della Signoria.    Unlike previous depictions of David which portray the hero after his victory over Goliath, Michelangelo chose to represent David before the fight contemplating the battle yet to come.  The apprehension on his face is palpable.  I did see the original David as well where it was moved inside to preserve it at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in 1873.

The thing that really strikes you about cities like Florence is the depth of history there.  We are such a young country in comparison.  To think that this sculpture was done between 1501-1504.

The Uffizi Gallery is the premiere museum of Florence and is also known as the National Gallery.  One thing about going to Florence in January is the typically substantial crowds are not a problem.  You usually need to get tickets for this museum to avoid the 3-4 hour wait to get in, but we were able to just walk right in and enjoy the artwork without being herded through.  This was my favorite piece.

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. This is a very large painting  (67.9 in × 109.6 in).  Those Renaissance painters spared no paint!

The grand old churches are another great attraction.  They are filled with artwork by great artists of the time.
We stayed in a lovely hotel that looked out on to a view of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.  I took this photo out of the hotel window.

The second photo is just a sample of the artwork that can be found in The Santa Maria Novella.  This is The Holy Trinity by Masaccio.  The scale, age and importance of these pieces is just overwhelming and humbling.  Many of them took years to complete.  We take things for granted like premixed paint in tubes, pre-stretched canvas, ready made synthetic brushed.  Many of the masters worked in egg tempura before the 15th century and beyond.  This is a permanent fast drying painting medium consisting of colored pigment mixed with a water-soluble binder medium (usually a glutinous material such as egg yolk or some other size)  They mixed their own paint and worked on wood they prepared.  These are the ingredients of a masterpiece!
Well I've 'rambled' on enough for now.  Next installment I'll cover some other highlights.


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