Monday, February 24, 2014

Fall camp scene sneak peak work in progress!

Work in Progress!

I found the reference for this piece on Wet Canvas in their reference library for artists.  It is a great place to find reference photos that members have graciously allowed anyone to use, no strings attached. I typically use my own photos, but I really liked this one.  I loved that the canoe was all scuffed up and that the old building had a bright fresh coat of paint.   What you don't see is all the fall leaves and long grass that are still to come.  I am plugging away at it though.  I was happy to get the canoe done since that is really the focal point.  My picture doesn't do it justice - it really pops!

Here is a look at the reference so you can see what is to come.  I did change the red of the building a bit so that the canoe would stand out more.  Also, it was the same color as some of the leaves.  I suspect there were some photoshop changes involved to pump up the color.

I'll post the final version when I am finished.  Thanks for looking and feel free to comment with what you think.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Featured art - Caffe Gilli Acrylic painting award winner!

I will be featuring a piece of my artwork from time to time and giving some background on it.  This week I am featuring my painting titled 'Gillis'. Caffe Gilli is a wonderful Patisserie in Florence, Italy.  I just added the original for sale on Daily Paintworks  and Etsy so I wanted to showcase it.

This painting is near and dear to my heart since it won me a Best in Show ribbon at a juried show I entered.  I was floored and so grateful.  This is what the judge had to say about the painting:  "Composition strong with elements of storytelling.  Color transition carries your eye through the piece.  This painting successfully tells a story complete with a get-a-way car :)"  I thank her for the kind words and the recognition. 

My husband travelled to Florence for work and I eagerly tagged along.  It was a wonderful trip and I came away with many reference photos for future paintings.  This one really had me eager to paint it.  Reflections and food - what's not to like??  I have to admit that I had a real craving for biscotti the whole time I was working on it.

Thanks for reading!  Please leave a comment if you get a chance.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bicycles with Banana seats - Do you remember?

I was sitting here watching the Olympics wondering what to blog this week and it hit me.   I have been having fun with Throwback Thursday on Facebook so why not a throwback post.

My first bicycle (without training wheels) was one of those bikes with chopper handlebars and a banana seat.  These were pretty comfy seats though I expect they weren't very aerodynamic since they were long.  Mine was a really pretty shiny purple.  I had this bike for a long time and was really proud of it.  As you can see below, I got it for Christmas of 1965. 

A wheelie bike, also called a muscle bike, high-riser, or banana bike, is a type of stylized children's bicycle designed in the 1960s to resemble a chopper motorcycle and characterized by ape hanger handlebars, a banana seat with sissy bar, and small (16-to-20-inch (410 to 510 mm)) wheels.  In 1963, Schwinn introduced the Sting-Ray, the first bike with a 'banana' seat and high-rise handlebars.

  I also see my Easy Bake Oven under the tree as well as a Feeley Meeley game too!   I still have the Easy Bake Oven and it is ready to go out on Ebay one of these days.  I remember 'baking' all those yummy cakes and brownies with just a light bulb.  I also remember making a pizza that my poor grandfather was kind enough to eat.  That mix was not one of Kenner's best efforts.  Well, maybe I will do some more throwback posts in the future.  I absconded with a few fun photos like the one above that I have to share.
Thanks for reading and please leave a comment on a childhood memory that your treasure.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Twitter Art Exhibit is art for a good cause!

I am so excited to be a part of the #TwitterArtExhibit this year.  Artists are engaged through social media and enlisted to create postcard sized works of original art.  This year the physical exhibit is at the CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery | Orlando, Florida, USA and benefits The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes.  Show runs March 20 - April 11, 2014
You can still get in on the fun!  Art must be received by  2/21/14.  Check out the Call for Artists.
This is the piece I created using acrylic on 6x4" watercolor paper.  I call it Rusty Bucket.
The #TwitterArtExhibit was founded by David Sandum (pictured below)  "Through art we can change the world."

This is a worldwide phenomenon!  Artists from around the world are encouraged to participate.
Last year the exhibit attracted 502 artists from 35 countries who sent 726 entries and raised $7,000 for Art Division, a nonprofit organization that mentors underprivileged young adults.
You can also get more information at


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