Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pixley park in Winter and work ethic!

I thought I would start this post with my latest painting.  I titled this one "Pixley in Winter'.  It is acrylic on 12 x 16 Ampersand board.  I love the smooth surface of these boards.  They do get me to loosen up just a little :).  I was itching to do a winter scene since I had months of inspiration outside my window this winter.  The reference photo for this piece was taken at a park just a few miles from my home.  It is also a great  place to cross country ski though I haven't done that for a couple years now.  I must admit that I am not the fan of winter that I used to be, but I love painting snow!  I also needed a new winter scene for my annual calendar that I do at Zazzle! 

The other reason for this post is to inquire about others work habits.  It seems that being a creative sort, I am always working.  I am either painting, promoting, working on my online shops or learning!  I feel guilty taking time for myself.  When I worked at my corporate job I had no problem using the weekends to 'play' - now I spend at least a portion of the weekend working.  Lately, I have thought about actually making a cup of tea and reading for an hour or so, but alas I am doing this post instead.   I do take my evenings off pretty much when hubby is home from work though.    How do others balance work and me time?  I really would like to know.


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