Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sometimes you just need to act like a kid!


Rick Springfield comes to our local casino every year. I just loved Rick as a teen. This was not the 80's Dr Noah Drake Rick, but the 70's 'Speak to the Sky' Rick. He was such a cutie and had an australian accent that I also love!  He has since begun speaking with an American accent - Boo!

I have to admit that I have met Rick and had my pic taken with him and have several autographs. He really takes care of his fans!    He puts on such a great show too. He comes into the audience when he performs 'Human Touch' - remember that one from the 80's!   He climbs on tables and signs autographs. He shakes hands and many women take this opportunity to grab his leg, butt whatever. He is such a great sport!  I think that is why he likes the Turning Stone Casino - there are tables for him to stand on rather than the back of chairs.

I am not alone in this way of being a kid again!  The concert venue is always full of  ladies my age.  It is such fun to let loose and just have a great time where noone willl judge you! 
I was curious what you all do to feel like a kid again.  Do you crank some of your fav tunes from growing up or play a rousing game of hide and seek?  Feel free to comment on your favorite way to turn back the clock!


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