Monday, November 28, 2011

My art at the 2011 Emmy Awards with Joe Mantegna

I have to admit that I do love TV,  movies and some folks that star in them.  Because of this,  I occasionally participate in the GBK gift lounge at various award shows.  I create products to go in the swag bags that every celeb that stops by the table receives and also a table display item that may be photographed with a celebrity!  I do this via The Indie Exhibit.  The wonderful people there make sure that my products get in the hands of celebrities.   Their tag line is 'Elevate your Brand'.  It is good promotion and lots of fun!

For the 2011 Emmy Awards, I created a special double sided print just for the Emmy's.  Here are both sides.  I signed and numbered each print and included a certificate of authenticity.

Now, this is the icing one the cake!  Here is Joe Mantegna most recently from Criminal Minds holding the canvas print I used as my display piece.  I was told that he just loved it and couldn't stop looking at it!

This is the Indie Exhibit table in the GBK gift lounge.  You can see my Pont Vecchio canvas print on the right of the 2nd tier.  Nice looking display!!!  Celebs are starting to look for our table at events because it is different every time and they love handmade!

You can get prints of all these paintings on Fine Art America~

Next up is the 2012 Golden Globe awards - then I really must take a break - it is a lot of work preparing 95 swag bag items and a display piece.  Also a bit pricey :)  Thanks for sharing my experience.  I have seen my views and sales increase because of my participation - that is what it is all about!


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