Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scenes from a fair!

Here are some pics from my first craft fair. It was at the Rome Art and Community Center http://www.romeart.org/. My dear husband was sweet to stay with me the whole day. From now on, I will probably let him go home after set-up until tear down. It just isn't easy to put up these tents alone. He even ended up helping other people with theirs even though this was his first time too.

Here is my booth in all its glory. Now that I see it from this perspective - it looks kind of bare. It seemed quite full when I was inside. Gotta work on my layout!

The grids worked great! They are very affordable and really easy to use. You can just fold them up still attached together for the next time. They are 6' tall though and required us to put down the front seat to fit them in.
All in all it was a nice day - met lots of people and many took my card. A few sales and some inquiries about portraits and such. I was ready to pack it in by 5:00 though! One more this weekend and that is probably my quota for a year.


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