Monday, September 15, 2014

Yes, I am a geek! A day at Scare-a-con Horror and pop culture convention!

I must admit I was needing a con fix.  I read in the local paper about a convention called Scare-a-con just 20 minutes away.   I have been to some pretty big Sci Fi conventions and this looked like a small convention with some pretty good guests so heck - I'm in!   It was very intimate and everyone was so nice.
There were some great panels with Dee Wallace and Eric Roberts and 3 folks from the walking dead.  I have to admit I have never seen that show, but it is quite the phenomenon.  My sister, husband and I opted for the photo op with the Walking Dead folks.  From left to right, my husband, Madison Lintz, my sister, me, Lew Temple and Vincent Ward.  Lew was the nicest guy.  He shook hands and thanked everyone in line for the photo op.  He became my buddy!!!

Dee Wallace gave a great talk and had some great stories from filming ET, Cujo and many more films.  We stopped by her table for an autograph and she gave us a free photo op as well.  Such a nice lady with a beautiful smile on her face all the time.

This was such a peasant experience - lots of fun stuff to purchase and parties that I did not attend.  Very affordable and it quieted my con fix for awhile anyway :)


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