Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Discover Golden Artist Colors - my acrylic of choice!

Artists invest a lot of money in their tools.  Canvases and other supports, brushes and paint all run the gamut of price ranges.  I admit that I am guilty of buying less expensive brushes because I am very hard on them.  I need to replace my favs frequently.  When it comes to paint, though, I get the best!

Golden acrylics are the best in the business.  They use little or no fillers and are packed with pigment.  They use single pigments in the majority of their colors and actively search out ways to maintain the highest pigment load among all major manufacturers today. The result is high impact work! 

Julies Tulips.  18 x 24" on gallery wrapped canvas.  Contact me about the original at lmrspdr@dreamscape.com .
Prints available here.  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/julies-tulips-lynne-reichhart.html

Golden Artist Colors is an employee owned company with great worker satisfaction.  I am lucky to live within a few hours of the factory in New Berlin, NY.  I have visited the facility and seen the skilled employees hand painting the color charts - you heard me hand painted!!  This way they truly represent the color.

Golden Artist Colors strives to enrich the local community arts scene and provides artists lots of reference tools to assist the process like this really cool virtual color mixer.  This allows you to try out color combinations within the Golden palette. 
I truly love these paints because they help me create works like this...
Sunflowers and Light is sold, but prints are available at  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/sunflowers-and-light-lynne-reichhart.html

Thanks for reading.  Pick up a tube of Golden acrylics and compare for yourself!  If you want to chime in to the discussion - please leave a comment.


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