Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new twist on the vintage Silhouette

I had an artist's reception last night for my local library show.  Lots of good food and conversation!  I love to hear what people think of my artwork and how it makes them feel.  I got many compliments on this silhouette and questions on how I did it. 

I love find and sell vintage silhouettes on Ebay.  I thought that it would be fun to do one myself.  I used black enamel to reverse paint (paint backwards) on the underside of the glass.  I then baked the glass in the oven to set the paint.  The background is a watercolor sunset done on watercolor paper.  This was such fun to do and I really want to find time to do more!  This piece is for sale on Etsy.

Vintage silhouettes were often painted on convex or 'bubble' glass.  Artists of the 19th century sometimes applied their cut or painted silhouettes on lithograph or watercolor backgrounds which bring even more attention to the regal simplicity of the shade portrait itself.   Learn more about Silhouettes here.


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