Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making your artwork look professional

Just to share - here is my latest painting titled 'Harper's Arch'.  Reference image is a view I photographed in Harper's Ferry, WV.  11 x 14 on Gallery wrapped canvas - sides painted. Prints of all kinds of this piece are available on Fine Art America.

Now on the main event.  We, as artists, need to present our work in a professional manor and buyers should look for work that is professionally displayed and handled.

Here are some tips for keeping it presentable.

1.   Buy the best products you can afford.  I highly recommend Arches watercolor paper for watercolors.  I am currently in a quandary about canvas brands.  I typically purchased Fredrix, but have recently gotten too many that are not stretched properly.  Make sure your canvas is tight and there are no buckles.  You should not see the outline of the braces against the canvas.  Golden heavy body acrylics is my acrylic paint of choice.  They use no fillers in their paint - just pigment and binder.

2.   Works on paper should be matted and framed under glass or plexi for protection.  I have seen work framed without the mat so that the paper touches the glass.  This is not good for the work.  I have been told that matting should be at least 3" all around.  This, of course, is a matter of taste, but it does seem to look better that way.  Also, make sure the art is the star of the show not the frame.  Keeping it simple ensures that folks are looking at your artwork not the frame.

3.  Work on the wall should lay flat.  Use the flat brackets for attaching your wire.  Also attach them about 2/3 of the way down your frame and ensure that the wire does not extend above the top of the frame. 

4.  Canvas pieces should be framed or the sides should be painted.  You can continue the image around the edges or paint the sides a solid complimentary color.  The deep (1.5") sides are particularly meant for painting and to be hung without a frame. 


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