Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pets and more - Commissions make great gifts!

I did a couple commissions for the holidays!  Always a pleasure to work with clients and create the best artwork I can for them.  I love doing pet portraits.  Above is Iggy, a Hemmingway cat, - check out the many toes!  Iggy is in a pensive mood and I tried to capture his mood and personality in this piece!

Here we have Harley - his eyes are very expressive!  I can do other animals as well, not just cats.  I would love the opportunity to do a doggie too!
Commissions are always a bit stressful, but it is all worth it when the client is happy with the finished product!

This portrait was done for a newlywed couple.  This photo was one taken for their engagement portfolio.  The groom commissioned me to paint this piece for his bride for Christmas.  I have since heard that the bride loved it!  I was really happy with all of these pieces too.

Commissions are always challenging and I learn so much doing them.  Gravel was a challenge in this one - had to stretch my creativity for how to paint it without painting every little stone. 

Each of these pics is done in acrylic, but I also do watercolors.  Feel free to contact me for any commission requests - I will be glad to work with you.   Email me at and I will send you all the details!


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