Tuesday, July 17, 2007

T-Shirts, Garage Sales and Weddings.

I have been going crazy trying to get ready for an out of town wedding, pull stuff together for a community garage sale and do some art. of course, It is the art that suffers. I did try a mermaid since they are all the rage now, but it turned out pretty bad. Not really my cup of tea so to speak. Maybe I'll give it another go at a later date.

I also try to keep my cafepress shop fresh by adding new designs regularly. I made one using the tiger in the post below with the tag line 'I'm just a pussycat!' It came out pretty cute. Couldn't seem to upload the image though. So here is another example - Sweet cow drawing which reads 'I need more cowbell!' Love that SNL sketch with Christopher Walken.

Anyhoo, you can check out all my designs by clicking on the cafepress link on the left. You won't be disappointed!

Well, gotta go wrap up the gifts for the wedding. Must make them look pretty.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Camping and Colored Pencils

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I spent last week at the family camp in the Adirondacks. The weather was a mixed bag. We had some sun for canoeing and hiking and some rain for reading and art.

I usually take my colored pencils to camp since they are easy to transport. Here is the offering from last week. We had guests most of the week so there wasn't much time for art.

This little tiger looks so cute and a little sad. I think he is looking for his mom.

Colored pencils are not just for kids anymore. Check out this site for great colored pencil artists.


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