Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A fun shout out from a media personality about my art!

As  I mentioned in my last post, I participated with The IndiExhibit  at the WOW Creations Oscar gift lounge. 

Media personality Karen Salkin chose my artwork to take home - Yay.  She writes a very fun on-line column called 'It's not About Me (But it Really is)'  This month she talked about the WOW gift lounge, the IndiExibit and my canvas print. 

Under a photo of the display she writes 'Don’t get married to the painting in the middle (the predominantly red one)–it’s now MINE!'  She also mentions me by name.  Thank you, Karen!

You can read the column here.  The second vendor she talks about is The IndiExhibit.  There is a photo of the display with my piece hanging on the middle.  Look for this piece...

Thanks for reading!

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