Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peacock Painting Work in Progress~

Welcome to my WIP - Work in Progress that is!

The reference photo was taken in Tuscany when I tagged along on my hubby's business trip.  This was at a winery in the Black Rooster region.  There were several peacocks running around the property and this one was kind enough to pose for me!

I started with the largest, darkest shapes first as I was taught.  This is to help establish the rest of the values.  Now I am working on the stone around the windows.  I know I am supposed to get paint on the whole canvas before working on any details, but that just goes against my nature - when I start something I want to finish it. 

I will work on the shutters or wall next.  I tend to leave the main event until last , partly because I am procrastinating and, in this case, partly because his feathers ovelap the background.

Please come back for another exciting installment of my WIP!  Same bat time, same bat channel. 


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