Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Locks of Luck to you! European locks on fences - new Watercolor and Free Giveaway!

My latest painting is from a photo I took in Florence, Italy.  I love how people attach locks to iron railings and fences for good luck!  It is so colorful and interesting that I had to paint it.  This piece is done on 140 lb. Watercolor paper in professional watercolors.  Use the button above to purchase from Daily Paintworks using Paypal.

I decide it would be fun to create prints digitally modifying the center lock to customize the piece.  I have the print for sale on my Etsy site and a facebook giveaway going on right now until 3/24/15.  Check out Facebook for all the details.  In a nutshell, I will digitally customize the center lock for you with any text you like. Since the lock is small there are limits though. Up to 4 lines, 8 characters each max. Any text like Happy Birthday, Lynne or The Smiths or Good Luck, John. I am showing one with hubby's and my name.  This would make a great gift or keep it for yourself!  Enter here!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The painting is complete! Life is a Carnival Glass!!!

My last post was a Work in Progress for this piece.  I still had lots to do and I saved the tough stuff for last as I always do :)  I am so please with how this piece turned out.  I have found that reflections are not as hard as they may seem.  What I do is under paint what is behind the reflection first and then dry brush the reflection over the top.  Works well for me!

I was first thinking to call it 'Top Shelf China', but that didn't really do it for me.  Then I thought of the song by the Band - Life is a Carnival, so why not 'Life is a Carnival Glass'.  That worked!!!

I had a frame all ready for this and have it hanging next to my china cabinet so you can see the still life and the painting together.  Typically, everything I do is for sale.  My mentor thinks I should keep this one for myself.  I do have it for sale right now though on Daily Paintworks.  Thank so much for looking!  Prints are also available on Fine Art America here:  Buy Print!


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