Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My new painting is done! Hot off the easel!

I finally finished this painting.  I am calling it 'My Favorite Spot'.  It was a challenge in many ways.  The foliage was very intricate and really a big part of the painting so I was more detailed than usual.  The chair is the main event though along with the shadows and light on the deck and railing.

As I mentioned in previous posts - this is at my camp in northern NY.  We added this new deck on the side of the cabin and it is so private tucked in among the trees.  I love to take a beverage and a book out there to relax.  If  you missed my previous posts then, by all means scroll down to see this piece in various stages of completion.   If you are a painter then you know that there are some points in the paining process that are just down right ugly!  You have to persevere past that stage to get to the good stuff!

Monday, March 14, 2011

WIP - Work in progess - Making strides!

OK, maybe not strides, but baby steps :)
Here, I have worked on the railing.  Getting the lights and darks was a challenge.  I will still make some adjustments, I suspect, after I get the background done to make sure that the railing pops forward.  I really do enjoy painting light and shadow and this image offers lots of both!

I have begun the dreaded foliage ;)  The photo washed out the background a bit, but you get the idea.  I got  quite a bit done this morning so I am now actually looking forward to doing more trees (on this one anyway).  I am hoping to have this pretty much done before I go to class next week.    I think I will name this 'My Favorite Spot'  because I love to sit and read here when I am at camp.  I have a view of the water here and can see my hummingbird feeder which I love to watch.  Camping season can come anytime!!!

Thanks for looking - I will be back with the final installment soon, I hope!


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