Thursday, July 9, 2009

A little poetry to make you smile (or cringe)!

When your dreams soar, there are no boundaries!

I am not a poet or writer by any means, but here goes.....

'At this Point in my Life' (An artist's Life)

At this point in my life I wonder about things that once seemed so far away.
Will I have enough to live on in my golden years?
And why is my hair so gray?

At this point in my life my endeavors are new.
The lucrative job I no longer do,
Replaced by more creative ventures I thought I'd never pursue.

At this point in my life I seem busier day to day.
Asking how did I ever punch the clock?
When did I have time to play?

At this point in my life I thank God I still have my love.
My husband and my art.
My health and my heart.
My happiness and my friends.
The freedom to start over again!


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