Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zazzle is killing me!

How is Zazzle killing me you might ask.  Well,  they are working my fingers to the bone with new products being added all the time.  Just when I get finished updating one batch of products, they have already added more!  I haven't been able to add any new designs because I am always playing catch-up with more products.

Here is one that is fun to make.  Zazzle has added teapots, pitchers and candy jars.  This is a holiday designed candy jar that I added.

  Remember the Saturday Night Live sketch with Christopher Walken - More Cowbell.  Zazzle has added new gel mousepads.  They are really comfortable and stylish!

I have always loved the tiles and tile boxes on Cafepress.   Now Zazzle has added some beauties!  This is my Purple Iris tile box.

Zazzle has also been adding new canvas prints and other prints - but this is pretty cool.  This is free standing plaque - no framing required!  This one features my Spanish Courtyard painting. 

I have also added necklaces, plates, laptop covers and so much more, but there is so much more to do!  Zazzle now has pillow cases, towels, messenger bags......  Now you can see why Zazzle is killing me~


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