Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching up!

Hello! It has been too long. Things have been crazy! Summer always is. Last week my Mom had a breast biopsy. I went 'home' to be with her since she is a self-proclaimed wimp. We were all very relieved that it turned out benign. She is still sore, but cancer free! It was a wake up call that my Mom is getting older. Most people that meet her can't believe that she is 73. She is a little dynamo and very active. I hope I am as spry when I get that age.

I missed my featured week at Top Artists Directory last week. It is still up so you can still take a peek.

I tookl down my show at the library and really felt a loss after doing it. I sold 3 paintings so it was a success! What a great feeling to have people like your work enough to shell out their hard earned money for it.

Back soon with more news and photos.

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