Monday, March 16, 2009

A new kind of artwork!

This piece was done for a 'Green' show at the Rome Art and Community Center. I had such fun doing it! I painted the palette and the golden artist tube of paint as well as the background. I then added the items we artists often discard: flecks of dried paint, spent tubes, worn brush and some long forgotten ACEO's (Art cards, editions and originals). The canvas was a 25 cent find at a garage sale!

I used some really great glue for this called E-6000 - industrial strenght and dries clear. I love it! I can pick this canvas up by one of the paint tubes!

Artists are tasked to create a recylcled work of art as you interpret it.
To check out the show specifics go to:


mousewords said...

Awesome! I couldn't tell the painted tube from the real ones!

I have a secret stash of dried paint globs and used palette paper--someday, when I get enough of them, I'll do a collage. :-)

DEB said...

What a fun project!


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