Monday, March 16, 2009

My Art Plot

No, I am not preparing for my burial:)

This is a new idea in art promotion and sales. I was asked to join and write a review on my blog.

This is a site for art and crafters. Part social networking, part portfolio/sales. I like the simplicity of the site, both in presentation and use. This is a great site for beginners or those, like me, that don't want to spend time coding HTML.

This is the statement on the site itself 'This is MyArtPlot - one platform for all.
MAP is an essential part of any creative life. It brings together the art profession into one global point of contact and interaction. Social, professional, and commercial power thrive here. Everyday - artists, crafters, and supporters use MAP to interact with those around them and around the world. Most go by their real first and last names. MAP is functional to you as a paint brush is to a painter or a camera is to a photographer - it enables you. This is why people take ownership of their Plot (personal MAP page). '

The presentation is very clean and lets the art take center stage. It may be simple to use, but it does have some powerful features. I really like the automatic bi-weekly newsletters. Subscribers will receive automatic updates to your plot on a bi-weekly basis and you don't have to lift a finger.

A product called Banner is also available. Banner is a powerful marketing tool. When embedded across the internet, it becomes an ad for your Plot. When someone clicks on it, it will bring them to your Plot. The best thing is: Whenever you change your Plot's Banner, the change will automatically appear whereever the embedded code may sit! You can also track where your banners are embedded and see how many people have visited your Plot from there. To control, where your banner is embedded, you can disable or re-enable your banner from any of its location.

I can see this being a very powerful site if it can increase in popularity. The creators really seem to be behind it every step of the way. You can even talk to them personally via live chat using the Help feature.

The site is free with voluntary subscriptions available. There is a 5% commission on all sales that is mandatory of you don't have a subscription. I really see no reason not to give it a go at this early stage. You may be getting in on the ground floor of something revolutionary.

The down side is having one more place to keep current and update on a regular basis.

You can visit My plot here:


DEB said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out!

Debbie said...

cool artwork! good luck on Etsy.

Jordanka Yaretz said...

Thank you for reminding me about MAP, I have a page there , but I have not updated it in a while.
I like you blog.


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