Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How did I do in 2011 - Revisiting my goals!

Pont Vecchio Landscape

Oh My - It is that time again.  I found my 2011 goals the other day and like a train wreck - I had to look.  I excelled in some goals and fell flat on my face with others.  I thought I would share the results with you and maybe it will help you with your goals.

1.  Participate in at least 3 group shows and one solo show in 2011
This one I hit out of the ball part.  I did 7  group shows and most of them juried shows so I was thrilled.  I even won 4 ribbons this year for my paintings!  I did squeak out a solo show in December so I nailed this one!

2.  Work on my Zazzle shop to add more designs and create the newly added products by March.
I did add more designs, but never did catch up on the new products - They just keep adding more.  I have been adding some templates for the new products I want to add and this one will be carried over to 2012.  I suspect that there is a better way to do all this, because it just seems to take me so much time.

3.  Create items for cratft shows on a weekly basis.
Well, I did create picture mirrors, glass tile pendants and hand painted glass candle holders, but not on a weekely basis.  I ended up doing this when the need arose so I had to hurry up and get her done!  I think weekly was too much to ask - I may need to rethink the time frame.

4. Find a local printer to print my cards in the 1st quarter.
I did look into a couple places and will stick with on-line for this. It seems to be mor cost effective.

5. Learn how to engage people better on Twitter - ongoing.
I believe that I have better balanced conversing with people, retweeting and promoting.  I also try to find interesting items to tweet.

6. Create a Daily schedule to segment my time so I get more painting done - ASAP!
I tried this approach and life kept getting in the way.  I found that if I just carved out time each week for at least a couple painting sessions, I made progress.  I find that I do  my compter work in the AM which works well except that it is easy to procrasitnate because there is always more I can find to do on-line!

7.  Close sites that are not profitable and time wasters.
I must admit that I dropped the ball on this one.   I did close one site which I pretty much ignored anyway.

8.  Become more active in the Rome Art Association by volunteering at events.
I did attend more meetings than previous years and volunteer for my solo art show at the Rome Community Theater (probably shouldn't count since it saved by butt on goal #1)  I really must make more of an effort to attend meetings so I know what is going on.  I am a pretty shy person, but I need to man up!


theartofpuro said...

Beautiful!I have more or less the same goals..hope to be more active:)

Mary said...

Fascinating to read your personal reflections on progress over this past year, Lynne. Kudos to you for setting and working on goals, which can be difficult for artists (like most people :>) to do. I also loved seeing your completed December commissions--no surprise that your clients are delighted with their paintings.


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