Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Healing Power of Art

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I have seen some references lately on the use of art as a healing tool, both by creating and also by owning and enjoying.  Imagery has been used to help cancer patients relieve stress which can boost their immune system to help them fight the disease. 

 We all know that color can produce certain responses, so artwork also has the power to soothe,  comfort, heal or even agitate.  I know that I surround myself with art in my home that makes me feel good when I see it.  Besides my own, I also collect other artist's work as well.  I love each and every piece for different reasons.  Some because the artist inspires me to improve in my own work, others because they remind me of places I have been and bring back good memories and still others because they depict something I love or I just enjoy the image!   I had a booth at an art fair recently and a woman picked up a print of a pig I had done for a child's room and she just had to have it.  She said it made her smile - a great compliment indeed! 

Art is also a great conversation starter, often leading to healthy debates!  Art can create strong emotions in the viewer. This can lead to relationships you never expected or just a better understanding of the art itself. 

I truly believe that art can have positive influence on our lives in so many ways.  I know that creating my art is a great outlet for me.  I must admit that no painting is easy and that there is frustration involved in each and every piece I do, but the satisfaction at the end makes it all worth while!

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Thanks for reading my latest ramblings!  I am going to try my darnedest to get on a schedule to update my blog weekly.  Life sure has a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans.

Feel free to comment with how art  makes a difference in your life!

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jcsvisuals said...

Thank you for sharing, I think art can be cathartic and healing for the artist and the collector that makes that special connection.

Thanks for reminding me...


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