Monday, October 18, 2010

The great Wellesley Island paint out!

This is the wonderful view that I was greeted with when I arrived on Wellesley Island.  My Tuesday night painting group include a couple of members with camps on the Island.  They were so nice to invite us all for the weekend to paint. sight see and socialize.  Guess what got the least attention - painting, of course, but we did get to it eventually!
Wellesley Island lies between the US and Canada via the 1000 Islands Bridge in Upstate NY. 

This is Phyllis our boat captain.  She took us out on her pontoon boat for a tour of the islands.  There is so much to see in the area.

  We got up close and personal with Boldt's Castle.  There is a very romantic story surrounding the castle on Heart Island.  Boldt Castle in the 1000 Islands Region of the St. Lawrence River stands as a remembrance of the magnificence of a bygone era… a monument of love on Heart Island of George C. Boldt for his wife Louise.

We checked out many of the Islands in the area. 


Even though we weren't painting, we were gathering some great reference photos to use later.  We visited the very picturesque village of Thousand Island Park (not a park, but a community - go figure).  There are only a few year round residents there, but it is bustling in the summer months!

These are some of the 'painted ladies' in the village - beautiful Victorian houses painted in vibrant colors! 

It wouldn't be a trip the TI Park without stopping at the Guzzle for ice cream!  It was their last weekend, but we still found something yummy!

And , yes we did find some time to paint.  We all liked the view from the porch at one of the camps and decided to all work there.

 And as the sun started to set so ended our great island paint out weekend on Wellesley Island! I don't have anything to show yet from the trip, because plein air painting is not my favorite, but I hope there is something in all the photos that I want to paint.

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