Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 reasons to buy art!

1.  Express your personality!  With all the artwork out there depicting many subjects - You are sure to find just the right piece for you.

2.  Art is an affordable way to change up your decor without a total room makeover - Give a fresh look to your Foyer or Kitchen with an affordable orignal or reproduction.

3.  Art makes a great investment!  You may never plan to sell your collection, but it can be passed on to later generations and be a part of your family history.  The most important rule is 'Buy what you like'.  A piece of art will reward you every time you look at it.

4.  The way it makes you feel.  You may find a piece that speaks to you.  It may remind you of a childhood memory and bring you joy or express an emotion you have been trying to express.  It may even make you feel like a million bucks for way less $$$.

5.  You can own something noone else in the world does.  Original art is one-of-a-kind!

I know this is a luxury in this economy, but even now we all need to treat ourselves once in a while.  Buying art directly from the artist can save you 30, 40 even 50% since there is no gallery mark-up.  Find a new artist and support them - their work will likely be very affordable.  Buying art on-line is another very affordable way to purchase art.  It is even delivered right to your door.  If you love a piece. look into buying a reproduction of it for a lower price.  Ask for art for Christmas!

Etsy has many talented artists selling their work for reaonable prices.  Visit my shop as an example.


Bridget said...

beautifully written Lynne...I love it & am going to share a link to it on my blog & facebook art page....
hugs !!

artbylmr said...

Thanks, Bridget! Let's get the word out that art is still a good investment for everyone!

SuaVoce said...

Art is a wonderful thing! Thanks for sharing this :)

La SuaVoce Designs


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