Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zazzle store~

Well, I finally succumbed! The lure of having my designs on Keds sneakers and postage stamps was too great!

I opened a Zazzle store. For those of you who have thought of trying another venue for selling your artwork - this one is totally Free! No shop or premium fees upfront. I also have a cafepress shop and that does have a fee for a premium shop. They have more products than Zazzle, but Zazzle has the advantage of only adding one type of mug. for example, and the buyer can choose whatever style of mug on the product page they like.

It is a no lose situation unless you count the time you put into it.

I only have one design so far, but I will be adding more.

Fine art by Lynne Reichhart

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Liliana Lucki said...

Very nice your blog!!!!

From Argentina ,Liliana.


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