Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Work in Progress~! Fall market!

I just love Fall subjects. This is a local Farmers Market that sells all the usual fall goodies including all kinds of apples! Yes, it really is painted that color! As you can see, I have a pretty good start on it. I tried to paint the wall gradually getting duller as it gets farther back - same goes for the pumpkins and flowers. This pic really isn't very good - the pumpkins really glow. I used a bit of blue in the highlight - complimentary colors work great as highlights!

Now, I decided to work on the reflections in the glass. They were quite detailed. I paid more attention to the detail closer to the viewer. This took quite a bit of time and I still need to do more on the reflections. I may need to dull the close one a bit so it doesn't look like you are seeing through the glass. I also may need to adjust the colors and brightness once I add the trim color which is next on the agenda. I also worked on the open door area. That may need darkening a bit later. Everything is in relation to the other colors so I want to get the trim on before I adjust anything else. FYI that big blob in the middle will be a large hanging petunia basket - kind of looks like an octopus right now:)


Leola said...

Don't you just love WIP. This looks like it's going to be wonderful. Can't wait to see it done. The window reflection looks like they will be breathtaking. I'll be watching to see the outcome :) Southshoreartist

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Gorgeous use of color!!

DEB said...

This is coming along great!


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