Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally Larger Art

Well, I finally worked on a larger piece, at least larger for me. This one is an 8X10 acrylic painting. That's huge in my book. It is painted from a photo I took last winter on the Barge Canal in Utica, NY. It was such a clear sunny day that the shadows were spectacular.

I am offering it in my Cafepress shop so you can purchase a lovely framed print or you can contact me if you are interested in the original. You can check it out here under 'Fine Art':

Fall, to me, means yardwork. I need to get my butt outside to rake and weed and cut down dead things. Luckily it has been raining so I have an excuse for procrastinating. I did get the halloween decorations out yesterday. Anyone else starting to rival Christmas with their Halloween stuff? My husband just loves Halloween so we do it up right. It took me all afternoon and then some to decorate.

Happy Haunting!


Melanie said...

This is just beautiful! I LOVE the snow and the shadows... I've been wanting to try snow for a long time and have been too chicken LOL!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll add you to my list of artists on my blog too!


artbylmr said...

Thanks, Melanie,

I will check your blog for updates and keep in touch. You know what someone told me - you are just painting shapes so don't even think about what it is you are painting - that helps with snow, rocks and tough stuff like that.



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