Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Memories and Halloween art

I was inspired by May another blogger here. You can check out her blog from my favorite links! She has been sharing memories and that sounded like a good idea.

For those of you who hate dentists and people messing with your teeth you may not want to proceed. I was one of those kids that had to keep wiggling my teeth when they were loose. It was a tell tale sign that one was ready to come out. I hated going to visit my great grandmother when I had a loose tooth because there was the off chance that my great aunt would be there. If she noticed that I had a loose tooth, she was, for some reason, required to take care of it. To her that meant tie a string to my tooth and the other end to a door knob. She then proceeded to slam the door, thus yanking out the tooth whether it was actually ready or not. Now I know why I hate dentists so.

Now on to some art talk. I have been adding lots of new Halloween designs to my cafepress store using some of my ACEO's (Art cards, Editions and Originals: 2.5" X 3.5" in size) and my OSWOAS (4 X 6 in size). You can see a sample to the left.
Check them out at: under holidays and occasions.


May Terry said...

Your memories of your aunt made me remember that my mother used to yank out loose teeth with a pair of pliers. At least she waited until they were pretty much ready!

Love the art you've been posting!


mousewords said...

lol, my poor Dad had the job of tugging out loose teeth that refused to come out on their own. This was because he was the bravest when it came to gross-me-out things. The result is that poor Pop couldn't even take a look at a new loose tooth, because we kids would run away screaming!


artbylmr said...

Hey May - Pliers yuk! This whole losing baby teeth is quite an ordeal for a little kid!

Mousewords - Sounds like your Dad really would have avoided the honor if he could have.

Thanks, both of you, for your visit.


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