Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Painting and Ebay

Hey, I've been busy painting and camping. The summer has flown by. Where does it go? Those of you in warmer climates can't imagine the anticipation of summer and then to have it go by in the blink of an eye. I love Fall and I enjoy winter to a point. It should end after Christmas and on with Spring!

I have been working on some larger pieces for a juried watercolor show. Don't know if I will get in, but I need to try. I forgot to scan them before I had them matted so no Pics :(

I do have a couple pics to share. I have been doing Halloween post cards which are so much fun! I also worked on a 5X7 acrylic floral piece that comes framed in a vintage gold frame.

Ebay has not been kind to me. Sometimes it gets me down to the point where I just want to chuck it all. I list works I think are good just to have them flounder and not sell. I am having more interest in the Halloween stuff, but still only 1 sale. I guess I have cried on your shoulder long enough. Next entry I'll post some pics from a balloon ride hubby and I took. Really fun!


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