Thursday, June 7, 2007

My other passion!

Garage Sale hunting for Ebay resale is my 'You gotta eat' past time. I just love it. I use the money for art supplies, classes, books and even some clothes, DVD's and such.

Garage saleing can be an addiction! It is so much fun finding an old toy you grew up with that you know sells well on Ebay. I sell mostly collectibles, records and other unique items. I recently found a complete spirograph game from the 60's. These are hard to find complete with the pens and pins. For those that aren't a child of the 60's, spirograph is a drawing toy. You can create cool abstract designs using graphic tools.

I just made a squidoo lens on garage saleing for Ebay. You can find it at

Ebay is really slow right now though. I stock pile a lot of inventory for winter when there are no garage sales.

I never thougt I would be a garage sale hunter, looking through other people's throw aways. I had exhausted my own inventory for Ebay selling so I had to get more stuff! This is the most fun way to do it. I like to pick each item individually and sell a variety of things.

This does take time away from my painting, but as I said 'You Gotta Eat'!

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