Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What this is all about.

I am finally jumping in feet first and giving blogging a try. I plan to post musings, useful info, my latest artwork, my latest Cafepress designs using my artwork and whatever else might be of interest. Bear with me as I get wet and acclimated to doing this.

I have a long hill near my home that I walk up on occasion. This winter there was a great old chevy truck parked in a driveway on the hill. It never moved. Once it warmed up some, I took my camera along to snap a pic. It is the subject of my latest painting...above. It is an OSWOA which is an Original Small Works of Art. They must be 4 X 6 (or vice versa) and fit in a standard photo sleeve. They are very affordable and collectible. It is on sale on Ebay right now under my Ebay ID lynner3. I also sell collectibles so check it out!

I am a proud Cafepress shop owner as well. Check out my shop at:

I use my drawings and paintings to create cute designs for t-shirts and other fun stuff. I need to learn more about graphic art so I can create more digital designs. I don't know how people do it. I can draw them by hand, but they don't look as professional as some do.

I guess that is an introduction of sorts. I'll update soon with more news!

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Dalene said...

Interesting blog. Great read! I am also just starting, good luck. Dalene


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